Warren County Bar Foundation Scholarship Recipients

SCHOLARSHIPS: Every year since the Board began awarding scholarships at least three scholarships have been awarded. Since its inception the Bar Foundation has awarded scholarships totaling over $150,000. The Board has designated named scholarships, which are awarded annually, and are named for long time benefactors of the Foundation, each of which is based upon a different set of criteria.

  1. Hon. John G. Dier Scholarship is awarded to those applicants who demonstrate a strong financial need.
  2. John & Laura Miller Scholarship is awarded to those applicants who demonstrate outstanding academic performance.
  3. John C. Mannix Scholarship is awarded to those applicants who demonstrate strong character, community service and social conscience.

Application Deadline is 5:00 PM July 15, 2023 - Click Here For Application

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1993 - Present

Kenneth E. Aldous
Rebecca Allen
Jill Archambeault *
Danielle Audette *
Brady L. Begeal
Julie Black *
Mackenzie Brilling *
Travis Brown
Holly Cerasaro
Andrea Chase *
Jennifer Cicarelli
Brian Crook
Rebecca L. Denue
Colleen M. Fane
William Firth *
Edward Fitzgerald
Kristine K. Flower *
Heather L. Garrow *
Katherine Herlihy
Ryan Hickey
Kaitlin Hobbs *
Meghan Horton *
Andrew Jessen *
Marc Kokosa *
Matthew Lalone
David Lashway
Scott T. Lashway *
Benjamin Lee *
Sita Legac
Adam Ludemann *
Sarah Mannix *
Blaine McPhillips
Jeannine McSweeney *
Nicole Middleton *
Clifford Morehouse
Kevin Murphy
Luke W. Nikas *
Kristina M. Paszek
Abigail Phillips
Jeffrey J. Pohl *
Rachel Reese *
Bradley Rooke
Glenn Michael Rooney
Lisa A. Schryer *
Patrick Sorsby
Kimberly A. Steele
Mary Ellen Stockwell *
Sean P. Tarantino *
Brandy Tucker
Emily Walling *
Sarah Wappett *
Kimberly Wells
Nathanial White
John D. Wright
John Underhill
Lauren Van Buren