Message from the President of the Warren County Bar Foundation

HON. Robert J. Muller

The Centennial Celebration of the Warren County Bar Association gives us all the opportunity to pause, to reflect upon and to celebrate, together, the rich heritage of our Association and its Members both past and present. This Celebration also gives us the opportunity to reflect upon the uniqueness and character of our Association.

That uniqueness and character, in my judgement, is best reflected in the creation of the Warren County Bar Foundation which occurred in 1981. Among the many purposes of the Foundation is the advancement of legal research and scholarship and the improvement of the administration of justice. Also, the Foundation seeks to promote professional ethics as well as responsibility and service to the public. Over the years the Foundation has become a very important and vibrant organization within Warren County and its surrounding counties.

The Centennial Celebration, therefore, allows us the opportunity to celebrate the good works of the Foundation and to honor the vision of our founding directors: Hon. John G. Dier; John C. Mannix, Esq.; Alan Rhodes, Esq.; Thomas Curran, Esq.; Louis M. Carusone, Esq. and Arthur R. Greenberg, Esq. They have given us a lasting gift and the opportunity to do great things. We hope to accomplish even greater things in the future to honor them and our profession.

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